30 facts in short trading psychology

51-Winning traders systematically implement their plan, while losing traders introduce

52-The purpose of trading is to make money, but if you focus too much on money, you will
You end up shooting yourself.

53-In essence, if we want to improve our trade, we must adopt consistent measures.

54-At the end of the day, markets do not owe us anything, so do not associate your well-being with it.

55-Do not confuse luck with talent. Know your methodology and stick to it by all means.

56-Above all else, preparation (before the market opens) is the secret to successful trading.

57-Sometimes the best trade is no trade!

58-There is no opportunity without risk. Understand this, small business!

59-Remember, if there are no setups, don’t force any deals. Go fishing!

60-Markets can’t hurt you. Only you can!


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