50 facts in short trading psychology

1-When losses cannot deprive you of your well-being, you know that you have matured as a trader.

2-There is always more to learn from price action than from news.

3-Good professions become good memories. Bad deals become good lessons.

4-When you lose money, you naturally want to get it back twice as fast. slow down and go on
Focus and stick to your strategy.

5-Never trust a trading expert who claims to have all the answers.

6-For long-term consistency, you must create your own system by
Absorb what’s useful, get rid of what’s not, and add what’s unique to you.

7-Over-identification of thoughts and feelings is what causes us to deviate from our methodology. just be
Observe your own internal circumstances rather than acting on them.

8-The first and best victory for good traders is not money. It is for self-conquest.

9-Learn the ability to be happy unconditionally. This way, the market cannot
You take this happiness away from you.

10-If you feel uncomfortable about a deal, ask yourself the question: How can I
Putting in, managing or exiting this trade if it was the last trade you ever made?


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