Chilling details as mum ‘kills her two children, 3 and 9, and keeps their decomposing bodies in her bed for TWO WEEKS’

A MUM has been arrested for allegedly killing her two young children and keeping their decomposing bodies on her bed for two weeks.

Eliara Paz Nardes, 31, is believed to have killed her nine-year-old daughter Alice Nardes de Oliveira and her son, Joaquim Nardes Jardins, three, at her flat in Parana, Brazil.


Eliara Paz Nardes is accused of killing her two childrenCredit: Jam Press
Joaquim Nardes Jardins, three, was allegedly killed by his mum


Joaquim Nardes Jardins, three, was allegedly killed by his mumCredit: Jam Press
Alice Nardes de Oliveira, nine, was also allegedly found dead at her mum's flat


Alice Nardes de Oliveira, nine, was also allegedly found dead at her mum’s flatCredit: Jam Press

Police said they discovered the youngsters’ bodies on Saturday.

Mrs Nardes allegedly rang a lawyer and confessed to killing her kids after two weeks.

It is believed the lawyer then contacted authorities to alert them, and police raided the home.

In the flat, cops found the kids’ bodies laying on top of Mrs Nardez’s bed, covered by blankets to conceal the smell of their decomposing bodies, local reports claim.

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Police officers say the mum explained she was no longer able to provide for her kids.

The children had different fathers.

Police spokesman Ana Hass said: “When we entered the apartment, in her room, we found the children lying down. They looked like they were sleeping in the bed, but they were already dead and in an advanced state of decomposition.

“She said the boy was killed by suffocation with a pillow and, later, the girl was strangled with a scarf, but we are waiting for a report to confirm this. The suspect would have committed the crimes against her own children 14, 15 days ago.

“She claimed she was very tired and alone, and could no longer afford to raise her children, not just financially but also emotionally.

“As a result, she said she intended to kill herself, but as the children had no one to count on, according to her, she ended up killing them first.”

Questions remain regarding the sequence of events as Mrs Nardes allegedly told police that she had killed her children on the same day.

However, Hass claimed: “Evidence shows that the boy was killed on the 13th [August] and the girl on the 17th due to the state of the bodies.”

She added: “If this is proven, the girl would have remained with her brother’s body for four days.”

According to the police, Mrs Nardes lived life as normal after the alleged killings, going to work and keeping her flat clean.

Mrs Nardes faces a number of charges including murder, concealing the bodies, and procedural fraud.

She remains in a pre-trial detention centre as police continues its investigation.

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