Notorious sex offender Gabriel Quigg a ‘nervous wreck’ after being attacked by criminal

Serial pervert Gabriel Quigg was left nursing a bruised ego after the encounter with Ryan Murphy (25) near the Dismas House complex on Belfast’s Ormeau Road.

At the time of the June 30 incident, both men were living at the hostel, which takes in regular criminals as well as sex predators.

Murphy attacked Quigg after an argument, leading to a court appearance for common assault and a fine of £215. It is understood that following the conviction he had to move from Dismas House, which was given as his address on legal papers.

Insiders say that Quigg has been left badly shaken and is now frightened to step foot on the street.

Adding to the 53-year-old’s paranoia is media coverage of his latest alleged Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) breach. Quigg is accused of having a mobile phone with internet access — something he is banned from doing under the terms of a strict court order put in place to protect the public from him.

He is also charged with deleting the online history on the device, leading to suspicions he may have been using it to make contact with young girls.

“Between being assaulted by Ryan Murphy and being in court yet again charged with breaching his SOPO, Gabriel Quigg is a nervous wreck,” a source told Sunday Life.

“He just can’t seem to stay out of bother. Quite a few of the other residents at Dismas House can’t stand him, and is it any wonder given his criminal record?”

Originally from Dungiven, Quigg has been living in supervised accommodation in Belfast for the past decade.

This is because it is too dangerous for him to return to the Co Derry town where he faced serious sexual abuse accusations 20 years ago and was known as ‘Creepy Quigg’.

Quigg’s SOPO prevents him from having any contact with girls aged under 18 and from starting relationships with females without first informing the authorities.

He is also banned from going within 20 metres of a child-centred location and from being alone in a car with a female without prior approval from his probation officer.

The court order was made even more strict after Quigg was caught giving a teenage girl £20 having promised to read her palm, and then kissing her horrified mother.

His other SOPO breaches include starting a relationship with a woman without informing her of his sex convictions — a crime for which he was jailed for six months. Quigg received another eight-month prison sentence for contacting a schoolgirl without prior permission.

Caging him, Judge Gordon Kerr said: “The purpose of a SOPO is to protect the public from you because you cannot control yourself.”

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