TOP 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022 !

This article includes 10 of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022 that can be an option for your investment portfolio or CFD trading.

However, before trading or investing, you should keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are assets with high volatility and therefore, before making a decision, we recommend that you consult with your financial advisor to confirm that these are the right options for you.

We cannot know exactly the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022, but we have chosen a group of those that could behave more positively or more stable in 2022.

This choice depends on the path that the cryptocurrency has taken in recent years, the current market value, the direction of the sector and the investment arguments presented by each of the cryptocurrencies selected.

Stable cryptocurrencies such as Tether or Binance have not been taken into account, as their characteristics will always be linked to the development of the US dollar.

Each cryptocurrency analyzed includes a brief description of it, some reasons why it might boom in 2022 and a daily chart for the last 6 months that includes two technical indicators.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Exponential Moving Average (EMA): 20-period (blue), 50-period (red) and 100-period (green)
Additionally, the individual descriptions included the evolution of each digital currency over the past five years.

1.Bitcoin (BTC)

They are the most popular and most traded cryptocurrency, with the exception of stablecoins. Despite the strong increase in competition, Bitcoin remains the absolute dominator of the cryptocurrency market according to its market capitalization.

The growth in the value of Bitcoin is staggering, with the average growth in the past six years averaging over 300% and only in 2021, the digital currency advanced nearly 80%.

Some events, such as the acceptance in El Salvador of Bitcoin as the FIAT currency, have led to an increased proliferation and recognition of this asset, which some call “digital gold.”

Additionally, there are many reasons why Bitcoin could grow further in the coming years. For example, nearly 90% of bitcoins have already been mined, so if demand continues to grow and the increase in supply decreases, what will happen to bitcoin? Will it be one of the 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022?

Technically speaking, you can see the price fluctuation of Bitcoin (in US dollars) in the past months.


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